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Feeling Lazy, Wonton Soup with Udon Noodles

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Montreal, how I hate you, sometimes. The city is like a subtle teenage bully, who never uses his fists, just looks you up and down with a long, lip-curled sneer. Just to let you know you are dressed wrong, you are fat, short, out of fashion, undesirable. Everyone hungers to be on stage, and not to be part of the audience that validates the pursuit. When was the last time you met someone who wasn’t an artist, someone who didn’t regard you with disdain for the weakness of your creative pulse?

Feeling spiritually hungry and lazy tonight, I opted for frozen food. In a soup pot, on low heat, I sweated (in just a dab of oil) some sliced white onion, an extremely liberal amount of green onions, chicken bullion, and Chinese five spice.

I added water and let it boil for a while, then lowered the heat and added some Udon noodles and frozen wontons, and lastly some baby bok-choy. A few dots of sesame oil over the top, in the bowl (or sriracha hot sauce, if I’d had it). Quick and good for the soul.

The bitter, uninspired soul.


Written by skimfu

August 11, 2008 at 8:17 pm

Posted in Asian, Pork, Soup

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  1. […] soup base, detailed here, is a weeknight staple around here. Conceptually better for you than packaged ramen (JP calls it […]

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